Total Requests
Total Requests per Million Internet Users

Average Requests per Service Provider

The following bar graph shows the country's behavior in terms of information requests through time. Instead of looking at the absolute number of requests the country has filed in each six month period, the variable "Average Requests per Service Provider" normalizes this value by the number of companies that have published a Transparency Report in the corresponding periond.

Compliance Rate: Percentage of the Country's Requests With Data Disclosure Per Service Provider

"Compliance Rate" indicates the percentage of requests to which the service providers complied, by disclosing users' data.

The following graph shows the distribution of the compliance rate among all the countries reported to have filed at least one users' data requests since 2009. Each company has slightly different criteria for accepting requests. In general,  a higher compliance rate tends to indicate that the filed requests were more accurate, complete and/or in line with a company's legal requirements. Compare how this country stands in relation to the general trend.

A country's overall compliance rate on the total of its requests may conceal radically different compliance rates by different companies to the country's requests for user data. Here is the break-down for this country.

User Data Requests Per Service Provider

Companies Solicited in the Different Time Periods

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